Article that called Priyanka Chopra ‘global scam artist’ taken down by TheCut

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n article on The Cut — a New York magazine website — authored by Mariah Smith made many bloods boil and drove the Internet against her for derogatory and insulting remarks made about Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra who got married to Nick Jonas on December 1-2 in Jodhpur. The article was taken down on Thursday.

A note on The Cut read: “Last night, the Cut published a post about Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s relationship that shouldn’t have gone up. We’ve received dozens of messages from readers expressing their anger. We want you to know that we hear you and we’re sorry. The whole piece missed the mark. There is no good explanation for this other than human error and poor judgement. This was a mistake, and we apologize to our readers and to Priyanka and Nick.”

The write-up titled ‘Is Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ Love for Real?’ slammed the actress and accused her of “defrauding” Nick Jonas into a “fraudulent” relationship. The piece that aimed to criticise the actress’ rich-person lifestyle in fact turned out to be a racist, offensive, and a vile personal attack from the writer.

Reacting on the article, Priyanka told Hindustan Times, “I don’t even want to react or comment. It’s not even in my stratosphere. I’m in a happy place at this moment. These kind of random things can’t disturb it.”

The article called Priyanka a “global scam artist” whose PR machinery was looking out for a romance for her. It said that while Nick was only looking out for “a fling” with Hollywood’s latest “It woman”, the American singer was looking straight at a “life sentence”. “All Nick wanted was a possible fling with Hollywood’s latest It Woman, but instead he wound up staring straight at a life sentence with a global scam artist.”

A screenshot of an extract from the article shared on Twitter

Mariah Smith also wrote, “Nick Jonas DM’d Priyanka on Twitter, and their exchange launched the very beginning of Priyanka’s plan to make this Nick Jonas opportunity her forever bitch…Aside from the offensive Hollywoodness of Priyanka telling another celebrity that her “team” reads her direct messages, what she was really doing here was quite possibly dropping a hint to Nick that she was going to break his heart. Or, at the very least: She was indicating that he’d been added to the short list of Hollywood men that she and her team would test out for a possible romance.”

Priyanka had earlier said that she ‘works very hard to spoil herself’, taking this comment Smith said that the actress is used to “shopping around for the finer things in life while her team shops for finer men.”

Some big names called out the article on Twitter, which eventually led to it being taken down. Bollywood actors Sonam Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor took to Twitter to call the piece “disgusting”, “racist”, “tacky”, and “uncouth”.

Priyanka’s brother-in-law Joe Jonas and his fiancé, Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner shamed The Cut for carrying it and called the piece disgusting.

Many journalists from across the world also critised the article

CityLab writer Tanvi Misra tweeted that she loved “the fawning for nick jonas in this through and through bad piece given that billions of Indians collectively gasped, ‘this . . . guy?!’” when Chopra announced her engagement. (Yes, there are many people out there, including this Post reporter’s own Indian mother, who had no idea who Nick Jonas was before he became the soon-to-be Mr. Priyanka Chopra.)

TV Guide features editor Krutika Mallikarjuna said that a good portion of the article “was based on a lack of understanding of Hindu wedding ceremonies and looking at the cultural norms of millions of people as weird and something that needs to be forced on other people.”

Vanity Fair critic Sonia Saraiya pointed out the cultural insensitivity reeking from the article and suggested Smith “leave aside the ‘Indian woman as evil maneating temptress’ and move straight to analysing ‘Nick Jonas is a naive virgin who was going to marry me instead.’ ”

Louis Peitzman, a deputy arts and entertainment editor at BuzzFeed News spoke about the importance of editor’s role in publishing the story.