Article 370/ UN Security Council to hold closed-door meeting on Jammu and Kashmir

New York: The United Nations Security Council will meet on Friday to discuss India repealing the special status of Jammu and Kashmir after Pakistan wrote a letter on the issue to the world body.

China, the closest partner of Pakistan, asked for “closed consultations” in the Council, which will meet at 10 am (7:30pm IST) to consider the subject.

A UN diplomat had said that China had requested for closed discussions . The request was about the Pakistani letter to Security Council President, the diplomat said.

Friday’s meeting is not deemed a full security meeting but rather referred to as closed-door discussions, which are becoming more common.

In a speech marking India’s Independence Day Thursday Prime Minister Narendra Modi said the decision to scrap Article 370 was one of several path-breaking moves by his newly re-elected administration.

Pakistan observed “Black Day” on Thursday to coincide with India’s independence day celebrations.

According to UN records, the last time “the Security Council addressed the dispute between India and Pakistan over the territories of Jammu and Kashmir” under agenda item ‘The India-Pakistan question’ was in 1964-65.

India had asserted that the Pakistani request was “a propaganda move.”

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, who has warned of possible “ethnic cleansing” in Kashmir, replaced his Twitter profile photo with a black circle.