Article 370/ 16 foreign diplomats will visit Kashmir for 2 days from today; EU representatives said – we will not go on this guided tour

New Delhi: Today, a team of 16 foreign diplomats is going on a 2-day tour to take stock of the current situation in Jammu and Kashmir. These will also include representatives from Latin America and Africa. The European Union (EU) representatives were also invited by the government, but they refused. They said that they were not in favor of a guided tour and would go there later. On August 5 last year, the government removed Articles 370 and 35A from Jammu and Kashmir.

The foreign delegation will meet members of civil society and Lieutenant Governor GC Murmu. The officials said that a team of 16 foreign diplomats present in Delhi will take stock of the steps being taken by the government to normalize the situation in Kashmir.

European Union diplomats do not want to be part of a guided tour. They want to meet voluntarily chosen people. They also want to meet 3 former Chief Ministers of the state, Farooq-Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti. All of them have been in custody since August 5, after the state’s special status was revoked.

EU delegation went to Kashmir in October: Earlier, a group of 25 members of the European Union visited Jammu and Kashmir in October. During this time he met local people. The security forces also informed them about the security situation.

Pakistan ended all diplomatic relations with India: After India announced its decision to reorganise J&K on August 5 last year, Pakistan reacted angrily and mounted a major diplomatic offensive against New Delhi on the issue. Pakistan has also downgraded diplomatic ties by expelling the Indian envoy. The move will be part of India’s diplomatic outreach to rebut Pakistan’s propaganda against it on the Kashmir issue.