Apple-TRAI tussle: iPhones may stop working in 6 months

New Delhi: This is a development that will come as a shock to iPhone users in India. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) had recently announced new rules that look set to escalate its ongoing battle with Apple.

If enforced, the regulation could lead to deactivation of services of iPhone users in the country, within six months, according to an NDTV report.

The provision that directly impacts Apple calls for telcos to “derecognise” devices that among other things do not allow installation of an app developed by the regulator to report spam calls and messages, it added.

TRAI has been loggerheads with Apple over the issue for over a year.

What is the fight about?

  • With a new regulatory policy, TRAI has hinted that if Apple doesnalt39t allow its app on the iPhone, the regulatory authority could ask telecom companies like Airtel, Vodafone and Jio to delist and deregister the iPhone from their networks, an ‘India Today’ report said.
  • TRAI has made an app called DND now called DND 2.0 after the latest update but Apple has refused to allow this app in the iOS App Store, added the report.