Andhra boy becomes youngest filmmaker, creates new record with short film

Kushal Dasgupta from Andhra Pradesh entered into new national and international records as the youngest filmmaker by making a short feature film titled A Five Rupees Smile for Casttree Short Film Festival 2019 which is associated with the Department of Visual Communication, SRM University, Chennai. 

This film talks about spreading social awareness about the poor children who beg in the streets helplessly. Kushal finished shooting the entire film in 11 days, and became the fastest filmmaker to do so in India.

Kalams Book of Record from Chennai, and Miracle Book of Records have conferred him the new world record upon him. A Five Rupees Smile bagged its first international selection in Independent Shorts Awards, Los Angeles Film Festival 2019, and got qualified for the 2019 ISA Annual Awards event in Hollywood among 56 different categories from 25 countries.  

Handling all the different tasks of the film Kushal, who has been making short films for almost two years, has already made his own brand “Kreative Kushal”.

Dasgupta is one among those few people who have equally good technical and creative skills.

Kushal says, “Creativity is in my blood and the technical skills are in my brain, which makes me think creative all the time. I do not feel any pressure or stress doing all the work as I do everything from my heart. Now-a-days, it is important to be multitasking, because we have less time and more work.”

Kushal further elaborates, “I always had a passion to deal with gadgets since my childhood. During my hostel days, during parents meet, I used to handle three to four gadgets at a time. Seeing that my parents encouraged me to do something with gadgets. So when I returned back home for holidays, I decided to work on ten gadgets simultaneously and successfully made seven records within a month, handling ten devices and performing different tasks in just 3 minutes and 29 seconds only.

“I never thought that I would become the youngest filmmaker of India. It is my passion and love for my work that brought me to this position today. My parent’s blessings are my strength. My dream is to become a media entrepreneur so that I can identify the inner stories of general people, frame them and present to our society in a creative way,” Kushal explained his dream.