Ananya Pandey’s night out with Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aryan

Mumbai: If there is one person who is keeping everyone busy guessing who he likes or is dating, it is Kartik Aaryan. The handsome actor is seen in the company of Ananya Pandey, with whom he is doing a film, these days. At the same time, there is also the pretty Sara Ali Khan who has openly expressed her admiration for Kartik.

Monday night, it was time for Kartik’s special ladies Ananya and Sara to head out for dinner together. Interestingly, as soon as they stepped out after dinner, Ananya spotted the papparazzi and she made a run to a nearby autorickshaw as her car was parked at a distance. She was joined in by Sara who wanted to avoid getting clicked and masked her face with her hair. The rick took them to Sara’s house where Sara got off.

An hour later, at around 12.30 am, Ananya was spotted near Kartik’s house seated in his car. As soon as the paparazzi spotted them, Kartik got into the driver’s seat and drove straight into his building to avoid giving the papparazzi an opportunity to click the duo. Sources say that both stepped out only after paparazzi left the spot.