Bhopal/ An Evening of Poems: Renowned poets including Kumar Vishwas, Sunil Jogi and Shakeel Azmi recite poems

Bhopal: On the occasion of 75th birthday of Dainik Bhaskar Chairman Ramesh Chandra Agarwal ‘An Evening of Poems’ programme was organized on the Muktakash Manch of Ravindra Bhavan on Saturday. Here Sunil Jogi, Shakeel Azmi, Aman Akshar, Mumtaz Nasim, Hemant Pandey, and Madan Mohan Danish illuminated the evening with poems. Kumar Vishwas narrated Raj Gopal Singh’s ‘sher’ on the Hyderabad incident.

Poet Yogendra Pandey from Kanpur recited the poem.

We were born in a transition period: Vishwas said: “I always mention that the last poet conference that Ramesh Ji had seen in his life, in which he was very happy, we did it in Albert Hall in the presence of about fifty thousand people. Lighting took place the first time in Albert Hall and for the first time there was a night programme. Mumtaz Naseem was asking us that there is paradise under the mother’s foot, what is under the father’s foot ..? I said it is a shoe … we saw it. We were born during a transition period in which neither we had a childhood like Rahul Gandhi nor there is a possibility of getting old age like Anup Jalota…. “

The poet Aman Akshar thrilled the audience with his poems.

Kumar Vishwas told, “Three years ago a friend of mine came to India from New York. There were many weddings on the day when he came. He told me – Why do you guys make so much noise in marriage? I said we do not want to give this man a chance to think about what is happening, what will happen next. They make so much noise that the groom feels that everything is going well. That is we create such an atmosphere that everyone feels happy. Similarly, everyone congratulated Devendra Fadnavis thinking he will prove the majority. They did not know Ajit Pawar’s uncle is an extraordinary person. For the first time, BJP came to know that not every uncle is Shivpal…. ”

He then invited the poet Hemant Pandey. Hemant read – Modi has started a cleanliness drive. I am from UP. We had a plantation programme here. The MLA planted the plant, which was eaten by the goat in half an hour. In the evening the MLA ate the goat.

Girish Agarwal, director of the Bhaskar Group, talked about his father’s life inspiration.

‘When will people trust polixe’: Referring to the recent incident in Hyderabad, Vishwas said, “The girl who learned to treat animals failed to recognize the animal inside the human being. Unfortunately the Home Minister there is saying why he did not call the police. People of the administration and the police are also sitting here, you ask yourself, why the people don’t trust the police. I quote Raj Gopal Singh’s ‘sher’: ‘Everyone is silent, there will be problems, there will be sparks buried under the ashes, and even today, the daughter of Adam is on the target of hunters, every squirrel will definitely have stripes on its body. ‘ “

Poet Sunil Jogi reciting poems.

‘I will not let you do what I did’: Padmashree poet Sunil Jogi narrated – On the ‘vidai’ of a girl, the younger brother said to the father – Papa didi is crying and brother-in-law is not crying. Father explained that Didi will only cry briefly, brother-in-law will cry for life.

Adding to the politics, he said- Yogi ji deployed anti-Romeo squad in UP. I asked why? His answer was – I will not allow you to venture into the sea of ​​desire, will not allow you to pass through the streets of the lover. Yogi Ji said to the Romeos that he will not let them do what he did not do in his life.

Vishwas referred to the Telangana incident – Sometimes Damini, sometimes Priyanka… sometimes Nirbhaya, there is a Ravana everywhere… Wake up daughters, pick up the ‘Khadag’, become Durga Avatari….

In this evening of poems, Shakeel Azmi, Madan Mohan Danish, Mumtaz Nasim, Aman Akshar and others also read their poems.