Amidst political pressure ‘responsible officer does what is right’: PCS rank-holder shares interview interaction

Rank holder in PCS exam-2016, Pankaj Rathore shares his experience of interview with Bhaskar

Lucknow: Pankaj Prakash Rathore, a resident of Lakhimpur, secured 20th rank in Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (PCS) exam-2016. Pankaj cleared standard 12th exam from government school in 2003. After this, he pursued B Tech and did private job at the Centre Plant for nearly five years. Simultaneously, he started preparing for civil services.

Pankaj said when the result was out, he first informed his father on the phone and that he was overcome with emotion. Many questions were asked in the PCS interview. Pankaj shared his 18-minue long interview with Dainik Bhaskar Plus App:

Question: You want to become an ADM, what kind of quality should you have for this job?

Answer: Should be hardworking, truthful and honest.

Question: At present, farmers are committing suicide. What are the reasons? Are there some farmers who take loans and spend the money on their personal works?

Answer: The number of such farmers who spend the farm loans in other works must be very small. In most cases, the cause of suicide is related to agriculture.

Question: What are your views on the freedom of the press in India? Should the government impose restriction on the freedom of press?

Answer: The freedom of the press is very important. However, there should be a system of self-regulation of the press.

Question: What was the cause of Revolution of 1857?

Answer: This revolt was the first bugle for India’s independence. It is also known as the First Indian Freedom Struggle, Sepoy Mutiny and Indian Mutiny. It was an armed revolt against British rule. This revolt took place in different areas of India for two years.

Question: What is the policy of annexation of states? Who introduced it in India?

Answer: When Lord Dalhousie became the Governor General of India he devised and adopted a policy which enabled him to annex a number of states. Dalhousie expanded the British Company’s empire in India by annexing Indian states through war as well as diplomacy. Dalhousie was an imperialist. He was determined to make a name for himself after becoming the Governor General in India.

Question: You will become an SDM, how will you tackle political pressure in any case?

Answer: I will build my image such that no one can put pressure on me. The work of a political person is to put pressure and of a responsible officer to do what is right.

Question: Why do you want to do government job?

Answer: People have trust in government jobs and it is a prestigious job. The government jobs are reliable.