America/ US warship destroys Iranian drone, claims Donald Trump

Washington: President Donald Trump has announced that a U.S. naval vessel destroyed an Iranian drone that was closing in on the warship. 

The Iranian drone was destroyed because according to President Trump, it was “threatening the safety of the ship and the ship’s crew”. The U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship USS Boxer took defense action against the drone when it kept getting closer despite multiple calls to stand down.

US-Iran tensions

Trump said the U.S. Navy perceived the move as a threat to the safety of the ship and the ship’s crew and immediately destroyed the drone which was unmanned, using electronic jamming. 

Trump called it the latest of many provocative and hostile actions by Iran against vessels operating in international waters. 

“The United States reserves the right to defend our personnel, our facilities and interests and calls upon all nations to condemn Iran’s attempts to disrupt freedom of navigation and global commerce”, he said.

Iran rejects claim

This move of the United States was being speculated to increase the Gulf tension as tensions between the two countries were expected to increase. But Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif rejected Trump’s claim. Zarif was on Thursday in a meeting with United Nations SecretaryiGeneral Antonio Guterres. He said that he did not have any information about shooting down of any of its drones. The Iranian diplomat also refused to accept US claims.