America/ People outraged after a young friendly bear they fed and took selfies with is killed by wildlife officials

Washington: The anger of the people erupted on social media after Oregon wildlife officials in the USA killed a young black bear that they had been feeding and taking selfies with. Officials said the animal could be a serious threat to people.

People even took “selfies” with the bear and posted them on social media, causing concern from local law enforcement.

People got angry when they heard the news of the bear’s death. On social media, they condemned the forest department and said it was the murder of a friendly innocent young animal.

The sheriff’s Twitter feed was flooded by commenters outraged that an alternative solution hadn’t been pursued. But the officials insisted that relocation wasn’t an option.

The officials said the bear was too habituated to people, so it posed a risk to human safety. A habituated bear is unlikely to stay away from people if it’s relocated, they said.

The young bear was shot and killed by biologists last week when they discovered him eating sunflower seeds, and cracked corn near an entrance of a park outside Portland.

The bear had been frequenting the area around a boat ramp after people left food for it.