Alert/ Virus Agent Smith attacks 1.5 crore Android phones in India

There have been reports of virus attacks on smartphones of 2.5 crore Android users of several countries, including India. According to Israeli cyber security research company Check Point, this dangerous virus has targeted the Android users of developing countries such as India. Other apps including WhatsApp are hacked by the virus. Duplicate versions are installed in their place. Later hackers can steal users’ personal data with the help of this.

Malware is easily accessed by the device

This malware is easily accessed by the device. It shows ads with financial profits to users, which can be used to steal the users’ banking details. This malware is similar to Gooligan, Hummingbad and CopyCat

1.5 crore smartphones in India 

According to Forbes, this malware has attacked nearly 1.5 crore Android smartphones in India. At the same time, 3 lakh Android smartphones in the US and 1,37,000 in England have been affected. This third-party app came via, which is the app of China’s Alibaba Group. After the malware attack, the Check Point company has told users to be alert.

How the malware works

Malware is a software that works like a virus. That means it can get installed on the phone and infect the data of the users. The malware attacks user-installed applications silently, making it challenging for common Android users to combat such threats on their own. It can enter computers, mobile phones, and other electronic devices through the Internet or an application. Later, much personal information such as contacts, messages, bank details, login emails of users can be stolen with the help of virus.