‘Akshay sir inspired me to get into Bollywood, the rest was hard work’

Bollywood actor and martial artist Vidyut Jamwal talks to Sharbani Banerjee about his journey from a small town to Bollywood.

Named among world’s top six martial artistes, Vidyut Jamwal tells Sharbani Banerjee what makes him tick.

Q. You are among the top 6 martial artistes in the world. How much hard work and practice did it take to reach here?

A. I haven’t done anything out of the way to get selected in the list. But what I have learnt from this success is you should never give up. If you do something with all your heart, success will definitely come to you. To get selected from India is a big thing for me and I am happy I could make my country proud.

Q. Before you, Akshay Kumar was known as the martial art expert of Bollywood. Now it is Tiger Shroff. You think they are as good as you?

A. They both are doing good. We can’t compare anyone’s work. When I started practicing Kalaripayattu, Akshay sir was already a star. He inspired me to get into Bollywood. We (I and Akshay sir) were chatting the other day and discussed that as outsiders we made our place. And if we could do this thing, any one from any small town can chose Bollywood as his work field. And I can tell you many more action stars will come up very soon.

Q. You are practicing Kalaripayattu since childhood. Is it just a self defense mechanism or more?

A. Body is of two types. One the outside body which everyone can see and the other is inner body, which only one can feel. Gymming can give your body a certain shape, but not strength. But martial arts like Kalaripayattu makes you flexible, strong, healthy (both physically and mentally) and increases your core strength. It is good for both inner and outer body.

Q. If you could share your daily exercise routine.

A. I live a target-based life. If I want to learn a particular step or movement, I give time to myself to learn it, say 10 days or so. Then I don’t count the number of hours that I spent learning that. If today’s youth want to learn something, they should set targets and deadlines. It could be as simple as losing weight in 15 days.

Q. Is there any age to learn Kalaripayattu?

A. It’s like a language. If one can learn talking in English or Tamil at the age of 50, this art can be mastered at that age. All you need is determination and practice.

Q. Any special preparations for your upcoming film Junglee?

A. It is based on Indian martial arts. All I had to do is sharpen my skills, which I already learnt long ago. My motto is to present Indian Martial Arts in a pure way in Junglee.

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