Akshay Kumar explains why wearing prosthetics in ‘2.0’ was difficult

Mumbai: Akshay Kumar had to go through hell to prepare for his role in 2.0. The superstar who plays the lead villain had to go through a painful process of sitting for hours to put on his make up.

Speaking about it, Akshay said, “Prosthetics was hard. For 3.5 hours I had to sit quietly while 3 persons were working on my body. I am a very patient man. So, for 3.5 hours I would just sit on a chair and do nothing. Once we finished our shoot, it would take another 1.5 hours to remove the prosthetics. The biggest issue was that my body pores were covered with prosthetics because of which my skin couldn’t breathe. All the sweat got accumulated inside my body. When I used to take them off, I used to smell of sweat. The other problem was that I couldn’t eat anything solid. I had to be on a liquid diet. I was drinking only milkshakes, juices and water.”

Revealing his reasons behind choosing 2.0, Akshay said, “I got excited when I heard the screenplay. This is one social film with an international message. No one has heard about anything like this. I was also happy I got to work with Rajini sir.”

Clarifying that Rajinikanth is the real star of the film, Akshay said, “It is very much a Rajinikanth film. It is not my film. I am the Amrish Puri of the film.”

Akshay and Rajini bonded on sets talking in Marathi.Ā “We used to talk in Marathi. He is a great man. He is amazing with every dialogue. He is also very professional and humble. He is not fake.”

Watch a video of his transformation here: