Akshay Kumar called a fan to Mumbai at his expense, cried a lot when he passed away

The fan following of Akshay Kumar, who celebrated his 52nd birthday on Monday, is tremendous. Everyone likes him, from children to elderly people. Some because of his superhit action, fitness and some because of his social concerns. Sometimes he comes forward to fulfill the wishes of the fans. He had one such fan in Jaipur, and he had cried a lot after hearing the news of his death. This story was narrated by Annu Kapoor in his FM show ‘Suhana Safar with Annu Kapoor’.

Mudit was suffering from muscular dystrophy

This fan of Akshay was named Mudit, who was born in Bhatia family of Jaipur. Mudit had muscular dystrophy disease, the victim of which can usually live up to 18 years. The child was a big fan of Akshay. After watching a film of Akshay in 2008, he decided to meet the superstar. But due to being from a middle-class family, the major problem faced by the parents was how to reach Akshay. The struggle lasted for 6 years and then an organisation called Make a Wish was approached, through which Mudit’s desire reached Akshay.

Akshay called him & family to Mumbai on his expenses

When the matter reached Akshay Kumar, he called Mudit and his family to Mumbai at his expense. Mudit’s birthday was celebrated there and the superstar spent three hours with him. After listening to the child’s words, Akshay started loving him and then whenever he went to Jaipur, he started meeting the child.

Akshay used to encourage Mudit on the phone

His mother tipped Akshay after Mudit’s condition deteriorated in the last months of 2017. Then Akshay often talked to Mudit on the phone and started encouraging him. He also promised Mudit that he would meet him when he would be coming to Jaipur for the promotion of his film ‘Jolly LLB 2’. Mudit was very happy to hear this. But before Akshay could meet him in Jaipur, the child passed away. Akshay Kumar cried a lot after hearing this news.