Air India sends duty roster to dead, retired employees 

It happened due to a technical glitch, says airline.

New Delhi: A technical glitch landed Air India in another problem when the system reportedly sent duty rosters to staff who either retired or had quit the airline long ago. According to a national daily report, many of the retired employees and the one who had left the airline received a message informing them about their duties.

Hundreds of the crew members who had retired or left had been receiving and emails this week from Airline’s automated crew management system, the report said. Some of the messages were even sent to people who are dead. Air India’s spokesperson later said, “The snag was resolved on Friday morning.”

“Rostering is done entirely by CMS. An old version of CMS which was no longer in use was wrongly used due to a problem in the system. This led to ex-crew members wrongly getting these messages,” said the spokesperson.

Earlier, the airline was in the news after a man tried to enter the cockpit of a Delhi bound flight that took off from Milan.  
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