Air India flight brushes compound wall at Trichy airport; all 136 on board safe

New Delhi: After a Dubai-bound Air India flight hit the boundary wall during take-off at the Trichy Airport in Tamil Nadu last night, 136 passengers and crew members who were on board have been reported to be safe.

As per reports, the incident happened around 1.30 am when a wheel of the Air India flight IX 611 hit the localiser, also called the safety wall, at the runway just before taking off.

Soon after the incident, the plane lost connection with the Air traffic control (ATC). The communication was revived after a few minutes with ATC Mangalore that asked the pilots for an emergency landing at the Mumbai airport.

The flight later safely landed at the Mumbai airport at around 5.39 am where fire brigade and other departments were put on standby.

The pilot and the co-pilot have been taken off the roster, and an internal probe has begun.

The top aviation watchdog, Director General of Civil Aviation, will investigate the incident, a senior airport official said.

“Two wheels of the flight touched the top part of the boundary wall as the plane appears to have overshot the runway. We will soon replace the ILS (Instrumentation Landing System) antenna,” the official was quoted as saying in media reports.

Tamil Nadu tourism minister Vellamandi N Natrajan assessed the spot and said, “The airport authorities are assessing the situation here. All necessary action to bring back normalcy will be taken.