Ahead of apex court’s ruling in privacy case, Bill Gates bats for Aadhaar

'Aadhaar prevents one from accessing things he or she is not meant to,' he says.

New Delhi: The Centre has found an ally in Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates ahead of the Supreme Court constitution Bench verdict on Aadhaar. Allaying all privacy doubts on Aadhaar, Gates told CNBC TV18 that it only prevents “somebody else to be a fake someone on government payroll”.

The verdict on a clutch of 27 petitions that challenged the constitutional validity of Aadhaar, was reserved by the Supreme Court on May 4 this year, after a marathon hearing that stretched over nearly four months.

The basic Aadhaar mechanism is an identity mechanism and so it is too bad if somebody thinks that Aadhaar creates a privacy problem -Bill Gates, co-founder, Microsoft   

Arguing that the Aadhaar law impacts human life, the petitioners demanded that it be scrapped.

However, Gates told the business channel that Aadhaar only prevents one from accessing things, he or she is not meant to have access to.

“Aadhaar is just something that avoids you pretending to be somebody else so that you don’t have fake people on government payroll. Aadhaar prevents you being on that payroll as a ghost worker,” he said.

‘Privacy issue is about application’

  • ‘The privacy issue is about the application. If you are using the Aadhaar for your taxes and your benefits, then who has access to that information.
  • ‘It is the policies for the application, who can see the land registry, certainly things like voting privacy or medical record privacy, all of which is super important,’ said Gates.
  • A number of people have been excluded from Aadhaar, but Gates said that it would help in furthering the government’s ‘quality’ of projects.
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