Here’s why #WhereAreTheJobs is trending

New Delhi: Responding to reporters’ questions on the ongoing agitation by the Marathas for reservation, Union minister Nitin Gadkari on Saturday said that reservation will not guarantee employment as jobs are shrinking.

Gadkari had told reporters in Aurangabad on Saturday that allotting quotas cannot solve India’s unemployment problem. “Let us assume that reservation is given… But even in banks, jobs have shrunk because of IT. Government recruitment is frozen. Where are the jobs?” he asked.

Unforgiving tweeps picked up on this statement and ever since #WhereAreTheJobs started trending.

Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Monday responded to Gadkari’s comment by tweeting, “Excellent question Gadkariji. Every Indian is asking the same question.” He also tagged a media report carrying the Union minister’s remarks.

However, Gadkari, in an attempt to clarify his remark, on Twitter said, “My attention has been drawn to certain media reports attributed to me. There is absolutely no thinking at the central government to change the reservation criteria from castes to economic conditions.”

PM Modi’s claims

During the campaign for 2014 Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to provide two crore jobs to Indians if voted to power, but Opposition parties have accused him of failing to create even a fraction of that number.

In his no-confidence speech in the Lok Sabha, Congress President Rahul Gandhi opened fire against PM Modi and his government over failure of not fulfiling promises made during the 2014 election campaign.

However, PM Narendra Modi during his speech, refuted allegations and produced data to strengthen his claims. He said in one year the NDA government successfully created more than 1 crore jobs.

PM Narendra Modi during his speech informed that his government has decided to publish monthly job data and an elobarated data from the Employees Provident Fund Organization (EPFO). To back his statement, he said that between September 2017 and May 2018, 45 lakh new subscribers had joined the EPFO, out of which 72% are less than 28 years of age.

He informed the house that the National Pension Scheme had attracted 5.68 lakh new subscribers during the same period.

PM Modi said that taking into consideration the private practice of lawyers, Doctors and Chartered Acoountants, more than six lakh jobs were created during 2016-17. Talking about the informal sector, he said that Transport sector also contributed in creating jobs.

In January, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had sparked a controversy while talking about the employment in the country, in an interview to Zee News. He said that a person earning Rs 200 a day by selling pakodas is also employed.

This is how twitter reacted to Gadkari’s comments: