Modi in Kedarnath: After election hustle-bustle, PM finds peace in holy cave

Election campaigning ended on Friday, however, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pictures meditating in a cave near Kedarnath went viral.

Pictures shared by the BJP Uttarakhand handle on Twitter show PM Modi meditating in a cave, dressed in saffron robes. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who arrived in Dehradun on Saturday morning, went to meditate in a holy cave near the Kedarnath shrine in the afternoon. The cave is equipped with all modern facilities and is available for just Rs 990 a day.

Modi shares images of mountainous terrain

Though Modi’s visit to Kedarnath was described as “just a spiritual” trip by the local BJP unit, the widespread media coverage and heightened security suggested otherwise. Modi had shared images of the mountainous terrain on his personal Twitter account.

As part of the plan to popularise meditation cave built in Kedarnath last year, prices were reduced and some clauses dropped by the Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam (GMVN).

Modi had reached Dehradun after the end of campaigning for the Lok Sabha elections. It had been announced earlier that Modi would visit both Kedarnath and Badrinath to pray and meditate.

Rudra meditation cave, which GMVN officials say, was built after Modi suggested the concept of meditation caves in the area, is situated around one km upwards of Kedarnath shrine.

Rudra meditation cave was initially priced at Rs 3000 per day

Initially priced at Rs 3000 per day, the tariff was reduced to Rs 990 as the caves found very few takers last year.

The cave did not get a good tourist response last year as by the time it was opened for bookings, the weather had already become quite cold. Secondly, we realised the tariff was too high, BL Rana, general manager of GMVN.

Moreover, it was also obligatory for the tourist to book it for a minimum period of three days. The Nigam has removed the three-day booking clause from this year.

Offering electricity, drinking water facility and a washroom, the outer part of the cave is made up of stones and has a wooden door. The Nigam also offers breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea two times in a day to the tourist residing in the cave at a time of their choice.