After Blue Whale, Momo challenge claims life of teenager

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]fter the Blue Whale Challenge, which consumed lives of over 100 teengaers, a new ‘game’ called the Momo WhatsApp challenge has been reported in some parts of Latin America.

According to a report by The Sun, the so-called game is feared to be linked to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina.

What is Momo challenge?

Momo is a social media account on WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube, which uses the image of an artwork invoking horror. The artwork, called Mother Bird by Link Factory, induces curiosity among children, challenging them to communicate with an unknown number, The Sun reported.

The creepy account appears to be connected to three numbers in Japan, Mexico, and Columbia. If a user refuses to follow the game’s orders, Momo threatens them with violent images.

The challenge has been linked with a bizarre and disturbing image of a girl’s face, which seems to be distorted. This image is reportedly a creation of Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, who is not associated with the game in any way.

The picture is being used by people on WhatsApp to trick young people into extreme behaviour including taking their own lives.

Children are made to contact with random strangers, who apparently forward them the instruction of the game, which eventually lead to suicide, similar to the Blue Whale Challenge.

The local police and cybercrime authorities have been warning parents about the challenge and how parents needs to step in and have a conversation about this with their kids.

As per cybercrime experts, the Momo challenge is a hoax aimed at stealing information.

Has the challenge reached India?

While there are no reports of the challenge affecting anyone in India yet, but social media is an open platform and things don’t really take time to spread there.

Regardless of the challenge being in India or not, if you are a parent you need to monitor what your kid does, analyse their behaviour. If you are a child, it’s best block any message on WhatsApp or Facebook that asks you to harm yourself. Talk to your parents about it.