Admission fraud exposed during attendance at Women’s College in Ranchi

Contractual college employee illegally took money from girls for admission and gave them the roll numbers of students who had earlier taken admission

Ranchi: Many students of Women’s College in Ranchi were cheated by a contractual employee of the college in the name of providing admission to them. Vivek Pandey took Rs 4500 from each girl and gave them admission slips. So far, five girls have lodged complaints but it is believed that many more have been cheated. Vivek Pandey, who lives in the college campus at Circular Road, has been sacked.  

Vivek’s father Ashok Pandey is the retired section officer at Women’s College. Vivek even gave I-cards and roll numbers to the girls. The roll numbers were of the former students who had taken admission. All the girls cheated, by Vivek and belonging to academic session 2018-20, started attending the classes.

How the fraud was exposed

The fraud was exposed when a teacher was taking attendance in the class and two girls said ‘yes sir’ together when one roll number was called out. Inquiry revealed that both the girls had taken admission on the same roll number. As the fraud was exposed, the college management terminated the contractual employee and formed a probe committee.

All fees in college is deposited online

In college the fee and all other charges are deposited online. However, the girls were taken for a ride by Vivek and they paid him in cash.

Asha Kumari and Barkha Kumari had been selected for admission in Inter Science. They went to the college where they met Vivek. He took Rs 4500 from each of them and gave them forged admission slips and I-cards.

FIR likely against sacked employee

The college has formed a probe committee against Vivek. Dr Meena Soreng is the president of the committee, while Dr Vinita Sharan and Dr Indira Pathak are its member secretary and secretary respectively.

Women’s College principal Dr Manju Sinha said an FIR would be registered against the employee after receiving the probe report. She said the students should not have given money to the employee as all fee is deposited only online.