‘Acting profession is insecure,’ says Sushant Singh who’s no longer hosting ‘Savdhaan India’

Mumbai: Sushant Singh, who has been hosting the crime based show Savdhaan India from its very first episode will unfortunately not be a part of it anymore. The actor has been replaced by two Bollywood personalities – Ashutosh Rana and Tisca Chopra.

We got in touch with Sushant Singh, who has been hosting the show for so many years, and here’s what he said about how he is going to miss the show:

‘It’s sad to see that my journey has ended’

Imagine, I have been a part of this show for the past seven years; obviously I was attached to it. It’s sad to see that my journey is ending and I cannot do anything about it. I don’t know how I am supposed to react on it but all I know is that this is how our acting profession is — it is insecure. All I can do is just ‘move on’; nothing more! There are no grudges here. I am going to miss all the memories created during this period.

The makers decided not to renew my contract:

My contract was nearing it’s end, the makers decided not to renew it and that’s fine. Honestly, I still have no idea about this development and I have no right to question the makers or the channel on why they decided to replace me. When I was informed about it I was okay with their decision. It’s good to be open to changes, and hopefully it will be good.

Hope to be back on TV soon:

Currently, my film in Kannada – Pahalwan is going to be released. I have been associated with the small screen for so many years and I am always open interesting ideas. If I come across anything that interests me I will surely take it. I wish to come back soon on TV.

Savdhaan India had landed in controversy on numerous occasions where it has been seen as a bad influence for its “sensational portrayal of crime”. A very recent case being in February, 2018 in Delhi. A man was accused of rape by his 11-year-old daughter who later admitted in court, that she complained against her father after watching Savdhaan India and that she exaggerated things before her mother and the police. She said that the show gave her the impression that her father’s innocent kisses were something ‘wrong’. Her father was acquitted by the court.

Post this incident, the channel received a lot of complaints about the presentation of the content shown. And thereafter the channel decided to pull the plug on the show leaving most of the production members without a job all of a sudden.

(Story by Kiran Jain)