‘Absolutely crystal clear’: Shahid Afridi supports Pak PM’s view on Pulwama attack

Shahid Afridi has backed Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan as he played the victim card and threatened India in a hollow speech on Pulwama terror attack. Khan, on Wednesday, said that the country Pakistan had no role to play in the killing of 40 CRPF soldiers in Jammu and Kashmir’s Pulwama and India did not have any evidence to prove Pakistan’s role.

Afridi shared Imran Khan’s video on Twitter and wrote “Absolutely crystal&Clear”.

Imran Khan has denied his country’s role behind the Pulwama terror attack, the worst in Jammu and Kashmir in decades. He claimed that India does not have any evidence to prove Pakistan’s role in terror attacks in Kashmir.

“You (India) have blamed the Pakistan government without any evidence…If you have any evidence, we will act.

“It is in our interest that nobody from our soil spreads violence. I want to tell Indian government that we will take action if evidence is found against anyone from Pakistan.

“What has Pakistan to gain from this? Why will Pakistan do this at a stage when it is moving towards stability,” said Imran Khan adding that “this is a Naya Pakistan with a new mindset.”

Calling for a dialogue with India, he said: “If you think you will attack us and we will not think of retaliating…We will retaliate. We all know starting a war is in the hands of humans, where it will lead us only God knows. This issue should be solved through dialogue.”

Earlier, India pacer Mohammed Shami said that he wants to win the upcoming series against Australia as a tribute to the soldiers who were killed in Pulwama.

“It’s very upsetting to hear about the tragic events that happened in Pulwama. They risk their lives at the borders so we Indians can sleep safe. It’s the least we can do by contributing to help the families who have lost their loved ones and we will always be by their side,” Shami told IndiaTV.

“It’s our responsibility to give back for the amount they have done for us. We Indians are safe because they’re risking their lives 24×7. We will do everything we can to get a series win and dedicate it to the soldiers,” he added.

Harbhajan Singh had said that the team shouldn’t play against Pakistan in the World Cup. “India should not play Pakistan in the world Cup. India are powerful enough to win the World Cup without having to play Pakistan,” Harbhajan Singh told Aaj Tak. “This is a difficult time. The attack that has happened, it was unbelievable and it’s very wrong. Strict action will surely be taken by the government. When it comes to cricket, I don’t think we should have any relations with them otherwise they will keep treating us like this.”

Former India opener Gautam Gambhir too reacted angrily and said that talks needed to end and action needed to be taken. Gambhir tweeted: “Yes, let’s talk with the separatists. Yes, let’s talk with Pakistan. But this time conversation can’t be on the table, it has to be in a battle ground. Enough is enough. 18 CRPF personnel killed in IED blast on Srinagar-Jammu highway.”

India withdrew the most favoured nation (MFN) status accorded to Pakistan in 1996 after the Pulwama attack.