A page from Marx’s ‘Capital’ manuscript sold for $523K

Beijing: A single page from one of Karl Marx’s manuscript, which is said to be a part of the first draft of his famous book ‘Capital’, has been sold for $523,000 at an auction in Beijing, reports said on Wednesday.

The manuscript is one of the 1,250 pages of notes Marx made in London from September 1850 to August 1853, based on which he wrote the first draft of ‘Capital’.

The notes are considered valuable materials to study the development of Marx’s thoughts on economics. The page was provided for auction by Chinese entrepreneur Feng Lun.

The page went under the hammer with starting price $46,963, but the final bid was for about $523,000. -Agencies


Manuscript written by Marx’s co-author sells for $2,61,380


  • The page includes extracts and analyses Marx made on British banker James William Gilbart’s book ‘Practical Treatise on Banking’, which he referenced while writing his piece ‘Capital: Critique of Political Economy’, according to a state-run portal
  • At the same auction, a manuscript belonging to Marx’s contemporary Friedrich Engels, who co-wrote with Marx the ‘Communist Manifesto’, was also sold for $2,61,380. It is an article Engels wrote for the newspaper Allgemeine Militarzeitung in November 1862