A mistake ruined Nimmi’s Bollywood career; had rejected Hollywood offer due to fear of intimate scenes

The veteran actress Nimmi has passed away at the age of 88. Born as Nawab Bano in Agra, Nimmi had worked in many successful films. But one mistake ruined her entire career. This anecdote is associated with the 1963 film ‘Mere Mehboob‘. It is said that for this film, Nimmi had chosen second lead role instead of lead role and this decision became a curse for her career.
This is the whole story.

Mere Mehboob‘ director Harman Singh Rawal offered Nimmi the lead role in the film. But she was adamant about playing Rajendra Kumar’s sister in the film, which was the second lead role. She did not agree even after the director explained several times. After this, Sadhna was replaced as the lead actress in the film and she was placed in the second lead as per her liking. The film became a super hit and Sadhana’s career also got a big boost. At the same time, Nimmi did not get lead role after this film and gradually her career ended.

This is how Raj Kapoor took note of Nimmi

Nimmi was given the first break by Raj Kapoor from his film ‘Barsaat‘. It happened that Mehboob Khan was acquainted with Nimmi’s mother. The two had worked together in films. Due to this connection, he called Nimmi to the Central Studio to watch the shooting of his film ‘Adaj‘.

Raj Kapoor was the hero of this film and was looking for a new face for his film ‘Barsaat’. When he met Nimmi on the set, he offered him ‘Barsaat‘. Since Nimmi was also interested in films, she did not let this golden opportunity go by hand. She was cast opposite Premnath as the second lead actress of the film.

Rejected Hollywood offer

The 1952 film ‘Aan‘ was not only the first full technicolor film, but also the first Indian film to be released worldwide. After the film premiered in London, she got an offer to work in Hollywood, but she turned it down. The reason for this was that she was quite afraid of the intimate and the kissing scenes.

When Nimmi helped Mehboob Khan

Mehboob Khan’s Mother India was the first Indian film to be sent to the Oscars. However, when this National Award winning film did not get an Oscar, Mehboob Khan was so sad that he had a heart attack. About 40 lakhs was spent to make this film and Mehboob Khan had to face money shortage.

When actress Nimmi came to know about this, she tied the bundle of notes in her pallu and reached Mehboob’s office and gave the money to the manager and told him that the picture must be made. At the same time she urged manager not to tell Mehboob that Nimmi has given money.

Lost mother at age 11

Nimmi’s mother’s name was Waheedan. She was a famous singer and actress of her time. At the same time her father Abdul Hakim was a contractor in the military. Nimmi was just 11 years old when her mother passed away. After this, her grandmother took up the responsibility of bringing her up.

Never went to school

According to the reports, Nimmi never went to school. She learned Urdu at home and English while working in films. However, she always spoke in her own language i.e. Urdu. During the work, he met writer Ali Raza one day.

Raza helped Nimmi in a dialogue rehearsal and the two became friends. Later this friendship turned into love and the two got married. Nimmi also developed interest in Shayari only after meeting Raza. According to the news, after Raza’s death in 2007, she lived alone in an apartment in Juhu.