A ‘loofahsaurus’ and peacock on the #CannesRedCarpet

New Delhi: Well, what more can be said about this flamboyant fuschia fluff? Usually, Bollywood beauties Deepika & Aishwarya leave us swooning over their ultra glam outfits, but this time Queen Kangana dressed a la Hepburn stole the show. Meanwhile, social media sites had a ball with Deepika’s gown…

Channeling Audrey Hepburn of the 60s, Kangana was the Queen, yet again. She wowed everyone in her glittering black saree and steel grey twinkling pantsuit. Aishwarya decided she wanted to be a bird. She wore a Michael Cinco creation, supposedly inspired by butterflies. People on social media think its a peacock, and that’s final.

While diva Padukone played safe for the first two days, and then dropped a bomb on the red carpet on Day 3. And then she stuck her tongue out. The 32-year-old actor wore a larger-than-life magenta gown from Ashi Studio’s Spring/Summer’18 collection. What Twitterarti saw was a certain ‘lizard-looking dinosaur’ from Jurassic Park.

Ranveer Singh’s reaction

Ranveer was one of the first few to comment on it and he said, “Arre Arre gulabo, hahahaha.” Memes on her dress were about dinosaurs, and tweets will leave you amused.

@DocGirl720 : Deepika’s dress reminds me of a lizard-looking dinosaur that spits out ink & eats the fat guy in Jurassic Park. I’m very sure it’s the inspiration behind the design.


@shyamalathadevi: When Deepika wants to eat her own dress because it’s made of those pink puffy clouds
The Indian Idiot: These camouflage dresses are getting better and better!

@Preejashini: I love Deepika Padukone! No doubt. But her Cannes pink dress reminded me of Dilophosaurus from the Jurassic Park. Resemblance?