A family in MP has converted a champa tree into Ganesha

Bhopal: It is evident that the city has become quite aware about saving the environment. This festival season, Bhopalites are installing ‘Mitti ke Ganesh’ idols in their homes so that they can be dissolved in water during immersion.

But this family in the city which has been raising the people’s awareness about many an issue has come up with something unique this time. Pradeep Ghosh and his family has converted the 30-year-old plumeria (Champa) tree of their house into a Ganesha idol. It has become so popular within just a day that, on the second day of Ganesh Chaturthi on Friday, a huge crowd of colony residents gathered at their home for offering sandhya aarti to Lord Ganpati.

How they got the idea

“We saw the photo of a tree converted into a Ganpati idol on social media a few days ago and loved the idea, but never thought it’d be possible in our home,” says Shakti Nagar resident Pradeep Ghosh. “But, just two days before Ganesh Chaturthi, I suddenly realised that the Champa tree in our home has a stem which resembles Lord Ganesha in a sitting pose. That’s how I got the idea and started giving shape to it with the help of my daughter, Piyuli, and her neighbourhood friend, Anushree Sarkar,” Ghosh adds.


How was it made?

The Ghosh family converted the tree into Lord Ganesha by giving the ears shape with hardboard, the trunk and hands with craft sheets and the laddus with newspaper. All the items have been reused, except the dhoti, which is new.

Message behind it

The family says this will convey the message that trees are entities that need to be worshipped and saved, so that one can bequeath a better environment legacy to the next generation.

The only tree

 It’s a 30-year-old tree and the only one in our colony which is in the front of the house. It’s ample shade is very soothing. We’ve been seeing it for ages, but never thought we could show our respect for it in such a manner. We’ll repeat this act of worship every year. 

-Pradeep Ghosh, social activist 

(Story: Sharbani Banerjee)

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