88 cow vigilantism cases since 2012; 86 of them during BJP rule

New Delhi: The government does not maintain specific data on lynching incidents in the country, the Rajya Sabha was informed on Wednesday.

The Supreme Court had on Tuesday had asked the Parliament to see whether a new law can be framed to combat the menace of cow vigilantism.

IndiaSpend’s database records of hate crimes shows that almost 86 incidents of cow-related violence were reported since 2012 in India.

Over the six years since 2012, 33 people have been killed in cow-related hate violence. The number of people who were majorly assaulted during the cow-related violence incidents stood at 188, while as the number of the people with minor injuries were 81. The total number of victims due to cow-related violence were 288. 37 of these incidents were reported in 2017 alone.

Most of these incidents have occurred over the last four years since the BJP assumed power in May 2014.

Of all victims killed or injured, 56% were Muslim, 11% were Dalit, and 9% were Hindu. 47 of these incidents were reported from the BJP ruled states. The number of such incidents reported from Congress ruled states were 10.

While most of the cow-related hate crimes almost 70% were reported from north India, the attacks have also spread towards the east and south of the India in last two years. The states that have reported most number of these incidents are Haryana, UP and Rajasthan.