6 most expensive mobile phones that would cost you up to Rs 344 crore

[dropcap]N[/dropcap]ow that the mobile market is flooding with different handsets, offering a variety of sizes and specialities, people with a different taste and style are always looking for something unique here as well. Check out these smartphones that are not available everywhere but are truly treats for the eyes. Beware, they can surely make a hole in your pocket!

iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

Rs 57 crore

Created by Stuart Hughes, the phone is based on the iPhone 4, but is created with a solid rose gold body surrounded by stunning 500 diamonds between the edges and the start button adding up to 100 carats. There were also 53 more diamonds decorating the Apple logo, and the centre of the start button is decorated by a 7.4-carat diamond rose.

iPhone 3G Kings Button

Rs 18 crore

Peter Aloisson, whom you will notice a trend within designer phones, is also responsible for this beauty, with the iPhone 3G Kings Button featuring gold and white gold with 138 brilliant-cut diamonds.

iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker Advanced

Rs 23 crore

Another priciest entry on this list is a device designed by Stuart Hughes. As an elite British designer, he is well known for his taste for luxury design, having previously attempted to create an entire house out of gold. The iPhone 3GS Supreme Goldstriker Advanced comes with a rare 7.1 carat diamond.

Goldvish Le Million

Rs 10 crore

The Goldvish Le Million is a handmade phone by Goldvish and is made up of 18-carat white gold and 120 carats of VVS-1 graded diamonds, which all contributes to its price.

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond

Rs 344 crore

The costliest phone ever created belongs to Nita Ambani, the wife of Reliance supremo Mukesh Ambani. The Falcon Supernova iPhone is made of 24-carat gold and pink goals with a gigantic diamond on the back as well as a platinum coating and hack protection.

Diamond Crypto

Rs 10 crore

The Diamond Crypto was based on a terminal with Windows CE the operating system that existed prior to the Windows Phone it was also created by Peter Aloisson who we discussed earlier. It features around 300 diamonds, which is a main contributor to its exclusivity and price.