#377Verdict: Twitter thanks SC for getting govt out of its bedroom!

New Delhi: In a spectacular leap for gay rights in the country and a rainbow moment in its history, the Supreme Court declared on Thursday that homosexuality is not a mental disorder and no longer a crime.

Moments after the Supreme Court overruled its own 2013 decision and partially scrapped Section 377 of the IPC, social media platforms were flooded with messages. With #Section377 reigning as the most trending hashtag of the day, people from all backgrounds took social media to express their thoughts on the verdict.

While there were many who hailed the judgement, there were some who were very critical of the the verdict. Besides the usual ones, there were all sorts of trendy memes and intended puns circulating on social media. People took humor as a tool to express themselves and show to the world what does this verdict mean to them!

Check out some of the tweets:

But at the same time, there were others who where not that happy with the history we created today.

Only time will tell as to what real change will the decriminalisation of homosexuality in India can bring in the kind of discrimination that LGBTQ+ community faces on a day to day basis. As of now, its a win-win situation for most of us!