35% youths in corporate sector prefer yoga

Fitness trends

  • They are strength/body weight training, aquatic therapy, kickboxing, pilates, Zumba and other dance workouts
  • 30% Gym and body weight training
  • 20% Zumba and other dance exercises
  • 10% prefer aquatic therapy
  • 5% kickboxing and others

(Most men prefer going to gym while women prefer dance workouts to stay in shape)

Yoga teaches universal values that are often referred to as life skills, it helps enhance social and self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and leads to responsible decision-making. Yoga can help us be at peace with ourselves as it is not just a form of physical exercise but it is a power that helps us lead a peaceful life. DS Rawat, Secretary general Assocham

The survey

1,000 employees (age group 25-35 years) &100 small, mid-size and large organisations

Sectors: Aviation, automobile, BPO, FMCG, retail, IT, ITeS & telecom, oil & gas, pharma, banking, finance, services, insurance, travel & hospitality.

Positive results

Majority of the respondents said that following the ancient practice has helped them with positive outcomes like improved social-emotional skills, highlighted the survey conducted ahead of 4th International Yoga Day celebrated on June 21.