‘2.0’ teaser: An ultimate showdown between Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth?

New Delhi: The teaser of director Shankar Shanmugham’s upcoming film 2.0 shows an ultimate showdown between the two stars, Akshay Kumar and Rajinikanth, portrayed as the “biggest rivals” battling it out between good and evil.

On Thursday Akshay, who is portraying a super-villain named Richard, tweeted: “On the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, doing Shree Ganesh of India’s Grandest Film: ‘2.0’ ! Here’s a glimpse of the biggest rivalry, good or evil… Who decides.”

The teaser with a high dose of CGI work, begins with a shot of birds circling over city skies, followed by cell phones flying off people hands and metamorphosing into various forms like that of a giant bird which attacks the city.

Rajinikanth reprising his role as Dr Vaseegaran from 2010 blockbuster Robot, suggests a Council to take out Chitti, the robot and make him their weapon in the battle against super-villain Richard as he says, “This is beyond science, for this we need a superpower… Chitti the robot.”

Some interesting aspects in the sci-fi film are as follows:

  • Chitti is back and how! We had seen him as a ruthless killer, and as a leader with an army of robots in Robot once Bohra had introduced a red chip in him. The sequel brings back more devastation as it appears from the teaser. Chitti can be seen shooting robots built of cell phones with a 360 degree machine gun, capture a gigantic machine-bird with a cage made of his army of robots. While in Robot we had seen Chitti taking form of a snake, here we see him form a huge cage!
  • Flying cell phones. Yes, you read that right – the teaser has several shots of cell phone flying and eventually assembling into forms of birds, robots etc.
  • Akshay Kumar’s scary look is something you cannot, and must not miss.
  • Amy Jackson can also be seen as a robot in a glimpse in the teaser.
  • Mass mayhem is a guaranteed phenomenon in this upcoming film, which might have been made with an underlying message of how humans are dependent on their cell phones and how that dependency can make one a ‘tech slave’ – a new term often used to describe how the ever changing technology is altering our lifestyle limiting face-to-face interaction.

Finally, this is less of a teaser and more like a trailer. Shankar’s 2.0 has been made on a whopping budget of Rs 543 crore with VFX works done in studios across the world. While many criticised the teaser, calling it “childish”, and questioning Akshay Kumar’s mere presence, the Hindi version of the teaser alone has received 1,113,660 views.

2.0 marks the Tamil debut of Akshay in the sequel to Robot which featured Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as Rajinikanth’s ladylove. The film set to hit the screens on November 29, has Oscar-winning composer AR Rahman’s music.