1st telemedicine-treated leopard cub dies in MP’s Van Vihar

Bhopal: Ten-month-old leopard cub Madhav died at Van Vihar on Sunday morning, said officials of Van Vihar. According to a press note released by Van Vihar, the doctors performed a post-mortem examination and found that he died due to acute respiratory failure.

The cub was brought by the veterinary doctors from the forests of Barwani, under Bawangaja beat and about 350 km away from Bhopal, in June this year after he was separated from his mother and fell ill. He had been suffering from multiple health issues, such as dehydration and weakness.

At that time, Van Vihar vets had used telemedicine technology (through video-conferencing) to conduct tests and treat the cub. The vets had then thought that bringing the cub to Bhopal would improve its health in indoor conditions. However, he died at the age of just 10 months.

The treatment

According to officials of the Barwani forest range, the local veterinary doctors had been trying to cure the cub since May 15. As there was no sign of recovery, they contacted the Van Vihar vets, who decided to start treatment through video-conferencing and the idea worked just fine, with the cub starting to recover. The forest department says it was the first time in the state and, possibly, in India that an animal had been treated via telemedicine. The cub had started eating 300 grams of meat every and ample water.

10-month-long journey

  • On May 15, 2018, the cub was found in the Barwani range, under Bawangaja beat.
  • He had been separated from his mother and was suffering from parvovirus infection, which affects an animal’s Respiratory system.
  • Forest officials contacted Van Vihar, Bhopal, where he was being treated all this while for further help.

Symptoms of dizziness

  • The cub was brought to Bhopal on June 4 this year from the forests for better treatment as doctors suggested that he was not fit for survival in wild conditions.
  • His body was dehydrated and he had symptoms of dizziness.

Sudden breathing problem

  • Van Vihar officials said the cub had a sudden breathing problem on Saturday night.
  • Despite primary treatment, he could not survive for long and died at 10.45 am on Sunday.
  • The cub was cremated at 12.30 pm on the Van Vihar campus.

(Story: Manish Chandra Mishra)