14-yr-old girl hangs to death after mom scolds her for playing games

Bhopal: In a shocking incident, a 14-year-old girl hanged herself in Bagh Farhat Afza in Aishbagh on Friday, the police said on Saturday. The incident took place when her mother asked her not to play mobile games. The deceased was a student of standard 9. According to the police, the deceased was identified as Kashish and she used to play mobile games often.

Her mother, Shaheen, kept asking her not to play games repeatedly. She kept telling her it was not good to play games so much and that it would affect her studies. But the Kashish threatened her mother that she would hang herself if her mother stopped her from playing.

She even made a noose in her house to threaten her mother. On Friday evening she hanged herself after her mother rebuked for playing mobile games.

She was angry after mom took away her mobile

According to statement of deceased’s kin, the deceased girl lived with her parents and an elder brother. His father Saeed alias Guddu is an employee in a private company. On Friday evening, she was playing some game on mobile. Her mother took away her mobile and ignored her threats. A few minutes later, her mother went to her room to call Kashish for dinner. Getting no replies after knocking several times, her mother peeped through the window and saw her hanging from the ceiling fan.

It may be an accident: Mother

  • According to the girl’s mother, Kashish often threatened her of suicide, but never tried it.
  • She might have taken the extreme step in anger or could have got trapped accidentally.
  • The police have registered a case of unnatural death and initiated probe to know the actual cause of death. The body of deceased has been handed over to the kin after postmortem.