11 years after ‘Chak De! India’ where are the girls now?

New Delhi: It has been 11 years since the release of Chak De! India (August 10, 2007) The film received rave reviews and won hearts of viewers alike upon release. Often called Bollywood’s best sports film, it had Shah Rukh Khan playing the character of coach Kabir Khan of the Indian Women’s International Hockey team.

Each of the actors did a great job pulling off the characters of hockey players. Let’s take a look at the girls 11 years from Chak De! India.

Sagarika Ghatge – Preeti Sabarwal

Preeti was one of the most competivie players in the team who always wanted to be the best. After gaining popularity through Chak De India! Sagarika who is actually a national level Hockey player has acted in many Marathi and Hindi films including Irada. Remember how she was engaged to a cricketer in the film? Well, recently she got married to cricketer Zaheer Khan.

Chitrashi Rawat – Komal Chautala

The little Hariyanvi girl who fought against her family to play for her country was one of the most interesting characters in the movie. The reel and real life hockey player also happens to be an actress post her success with Chak De. She is also hosting Star Gold’s Sabse Favourite Kaun, and was also a contestant in a Comedy Circus 2 of Optimystix.

Vidya Malvade – Vidya Sharma

The captain of the reel team played a commendable role in the film. She is probably the most known face among those of her teammates. Even though Chak De was not her debut film, she got a chance to act in multiple films including Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara and 1920: Evil Returns after that. Vidya studied Law and worked as an Air Hostess before acting. She’s married to director Sanjay Dayma.

Shilpa Shukla – Bindia Naik

Shilpa Shukla, having had an experience in theatre had worked in many movies before playing the role of Bindia. Her powerful performance in the film as the stubborn and arrogant players won her praises. She was also seen in films BA Pass and Crazy Cukkad Family in the past few years. She is married to actor Mohit Tripathi.

Tanya Abrol – Balbir Kaur

It’s safe to say that Tanya Abrol played the most entertaining character in the movie. The angry Punjaban now looks very different. After her big break in the movie, she turned to acting in TV shows and is mostly known for her role as Jaywanti Shinde in CID, also called lady Daya by fans. She has been a women’s rights activist since October 2017.

Shubhi Mehta – Gunjan Lakhani

Gunjan did not have too many dialogue, but with her small and crisp dialogues her grey character stood up to be a very important player in the reel hockey team. Shubhi who got married in MArch 2016, has given up acting has entered the corporate world.

Sandia Furtado – Nethra Reddy

She was introduced in the film though her impressive dialogue where she gave a sarcastic comparison of the difference between Tamil and Telugu. Sandia did not pursue a career in acting after Chak De, but she is now a PR professional, based out of Mumbai. A keen hockey player herself, she got married to London-based Matteo Busa on December 2016, in Mumbai’s Bandra church, St. Anne’s Church.

Anaitha Nair – Aliya Bose

After her heart-warming performance in Chak De! Anaitha has worked in multiple Hindi and regional movies playing diverse roles. She is currently happily married and mother to a baby girl.