10 pictures of Salman Khan that tell family is everything for him

Born on 27 December 1965, Salman Khan is very close to his family. Salman takes time out of his busy schedule to be with the family on the occasion of festivals or celebrations. On several occasions, he has been seen celebrating with the family.

Salman is seen with his father Salim Khan, elder brother Arbaaz Khan and younger sister Arpita.
In an interview about his family, Salman said that we are not afraid of losing each other. Here we are playing a brother-sister-parent relationship. Even after leaving from here, we will remain with each other.
During a book launch in 2016, he spoke openly about his siblings. Salman had said that Salman Khan is incomplete without Sohail Khan, Arbaaz Khan, Arpita, Alvira, Salim, and Salma. He said that if these people are not with him, then Salman Khan has no existence.
Salman Khan loves his two sisters as much as both sisters love their brother. Alvira and Arpita were always with him when Salman was caught in legal punches during his career. During hearing in the blackbuck case in Jodhpur and hit and run case, both sisters always went to court with their brother.
According to actor and producer Arbaaz Khan, his family has always stood by him. Regarding his relationship with Salman, Arbaaz says that there are many occasions when we are not even able to share each other’s happiness, but whenever there is a need, we are present there. Arbaaz is also the producer of Salman Khan’s hit series Dabangg.
Arpita is a very special member of the Khan family. It is said that Arpita was adopted by Salman’s parents Salim Khan and Salma Khan. At the same time, some reports claim that Arpita was found by Helen. Whatever the reason may be, Salman and Arpita do not have a blood relation, but the actor is very close to his sister. On one occasion, Salman also reprimanded comedian Tanmay Bhatt for making fun of Arpita.
Salman Khan loves his father Salim Khan very much. Despite being a celeb, Salim Khan is seen scolding Salman on several occasions. Some time back, Salim Khan reacted to the actor’s tweet regarding Yakub Menon. He had said that Salman’s tweets are baseless, there is no point in thinking them over. Salman calls his father Tiger. According to Salman Khan, he does not know how to handle business, so his father Salim Khan is responsible for this. Salim Khan also deals with money.
Sohail Khan, who has directed many Salman Khan films, loves his brother very much. Salman is also going to celebrate his 54th birthday at his younger brother’s home. Both brothers share their photos on social media.
Like Malaika and Arbaaz, Sohail Khan did not have a good relationship with his wife Seema Sachdev. According to reports, the relationship between the two had soured due to Sohail’s close association with Huma Qureshi. At such a time, Salman took up the task of saving his brother’s marriage. Salman also went to brother’s house to resolve the quarrel.
Salman Khan, who is celebrating his 54th birthday, is also loved by his family. Be it father Salim Khan or siblings, they are always present in front of the media in defense of Salman. At the time of the hit and run case, Salim Khan had told the media that when Salman did not run anywhere, why is it being called the hit and run case. During an interview, Salman had told that he loves his mother the most. According to Salman, he gets energy from his father and care from mother.