10 other times Rahul Gandhi gave Indians a reason to laugh.. or not

New Delhi: Trolls had a field day on Monday after Rahul Gandhi, during a rally, said that the person who founded Coca-Cola used to sell ‘Shikanji’ in America, while the founder of McDonald’s used to run a ‘dhaba’in the US.

Considering he pitches himself as the next Prime Minister of India, it’s a little sad (but funny too) that we are writing this article.

Here are 10 other times Rahul, also known as ‘Buddhu’ or ‘Pappu’ by his critics, goofed up during his speech:

‘Poverty is a state of mind’

In one of his speeches, Rahul had said that poverty is nothing else but a state of mind. You should not relate it with the scarcity of food or materialistic things. Confidence is the key to overcoming poverty.

‘We can stop 99% of the terrorism, but 1% might get through’

After the 2011 terror attacks in Mumbai, the Congress vice-president paid condolences to the victims. He said that his government can stop 99% of the terrorism, but 1% error might slip through.

‘Politics is in your shirts, it is in your pants’

During a meeting with youth in Punjab he tried to encourage them to join politics and just like many other times, he tripped with this statement – Politics is in your shirts, it is in your pants.

‘Gujarat is bigger than The UK’

At CII meet in front of the business leaders of our country, Rahul Gandhi said, “Gujarat is Bigger than the United Kingdom.”

‘India is bigger than Europe and America combined’

In the same CII meet he said, “In fact India is bigger than both Europe and the United States combined.”

‘India is 21st Century Saudi Arabia’

Gandhi junior back stabbed his speech writer when he wrote about the oil potential of 20th century Saudi Arabia to manpower potential of 21st century India, but Gandhi misinterpreted it and said, “India is 21st Century Saudi Arabia”

‘If India is a computer than congress is its default program’

While addressing a party workshop on social media, he said, “If India is a computer, then Congress is its default program.”

‘India is a beehive’

During a Q&A session at CII, Rahul Gandhi compared compared India and China as beehive and elephant. He said a beehive is stronger than an elephant, thus India is a super-power.

‘7 out of 10 youths in Punjab have drug problem’

During a visit to Punjab, junior Gandhi landed into a controversy after he said that “7 out of 10 youths in Punjab are facing drug problem”.

“I am a pilot and I read the curriculum which mentioned ‘How to drop mails from plane?'”

During the CII meet, while talking about the education system in India, Rahul Gandhi said,” I am a pilot and when I was given the curriculum, it was written how to drop mails from a plane, has anybody ever received any mail.” We have no idea what this means, but he said it.