Youth married girl out of love for PM Modi, now faces domestic violence charge

Ahmedabad: A couple had posted a photo on social media recently sporting the much talked about ‘Namo Again’ t-shirt. This picture had become viral. Now the marriage of this couple is in danger. The wife has accused her husband of physical and mental harassment.

A committed Modi supporter Jay Dave, 29, from Gujarat’s Jamnagar married 18-year-old fashion designer Alpika Pandey from Bengaluru on December 31. Interestingly, it was Jay’s comment on Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s Facebook post where the love story began.

‘We married because of you Modi ji’

Jay had tweeted: “We married because of you@narendramodi ji. I commented on @Rahul Gandhi’s Facebook page in your support and this beautiful lady from his constituency liked it.”

Alpika, also a Modi supporter, had liked his comment and they started dating after that leading to their marriage six months later.

Thanking Modi, Jay wrote on Twitter that they met and found out that they both support Modi.

‘Jay abused me physically and mentally’

But now Alpika has accused her husband and in-laws of physical and mental torture. She even claimed Jay used her picture without her consent for his publicity and accused him of abusing her physically and mentally.