This trainer from the UK is responsible for Kareena Kapoor Khan’s perfect fitness regime

Kareena Kapoor Khan is one Bollywood actress who has been surprising everyone with her svelte figure. The yummy mummy of Bollywood is a fitness freak, so much that she even began the trend of ‘gym fashion’ as she is paparazzi’s favourite subject every time she heads to the gym. Kareena is known to try a variety of regime to stay fit. Moving away from Pilates, she has now taken to kickboxing and is being trained by Drew Neal from the UK.

Drew Neal

Dainik Bhaskar gets in touch with Drew as he shares Kareena’s fitness routine and a lot more. Read On…

Q: You are from the UK, how did you come to a decision of setting up your business in India?

A: I owned my own very successful gym and kickboxing school in the UK and it was always a goal of mine to do so. I was 3 x world kickboxing champion, GB national coach and coach to many British, European and World Champions. Life was going really well but I was repeatedly being asked to come to India to train various actors. So, in March 2014, I left for India to train Harshvardhan Kapoor for his debut movie Mirzya.

It was just a 3 month contract but I could see there was great potential in India and fell in love with the country and its people. So I sold my kickboxing school and moved to India on a more perminant contract. I have been training Harshvardhan since the last 5 years.

Q: You are a personal trainer to Kareena. How did you first meet Kareena Kapoor Khan?

A: I was introduced by her best friend Amrita Arora. Amrita and I had been training together and she had suggested how much the two of them enjoy training together and that we should hit a few sessions together.

Q: How is kick boxing beneficial to Kareena? What is her ultimate goal?

A: Kickboxing has so many benefits and I believe it would really help anyone with a variety of goals. It is great for cardiovascular fitness, fat loss, muscle strength and toning, flexibility and agility. In fact my kickboxing sessions can be tailored to suit pretty much anyone with any goal. I think Kareena enjoys them particularly because it is so different from anything she has done before and a great way to release energy in a controlled and fun way.

I am working with Kareena on a variety of different workouts. This keeps it interesting for her. So we kit kickboxing sessions, weight training sessions along with cardiovascular and gym sessions

Q: How many minutes or hours does Kareena do kick boxing?

A: Depends heavily on her busy schedule, however I have found that she is very motivated and whenever she has the time she is excited to hit a session with me whether that be kickboxing or gym based.

Q: What’s her routine like? (From warmup to main workout)

A: In our kickboxing classes we always start with some agility movements and some dynamic stretching. A lot of the kicks involved in kickboxing require flexibility and agility so it is important to ensure that Kareena’s body is prepared for the movements ahead. The main workout will consist of a variety of cardio based exercises and conditioning movements. We could be doing body weighted exercises and punching and kicking combinations on the focus pads. It always depends on what our aim of that session and of that week is. Although the sessions are always goal orientated, I always ensure she is having fun through the workout.

Q: Have you asked her to follow a diet? Please elaborate.

A: With all my clients I begin by getting a picture of what they are currently eating. Some will eat too many calories, too few, or just the wrong types. I do this by asking them to take photographs of every meal they eat and send them to me. I then get a picture of the quantities, ingredients and when they eat their food as a norm. I then assess how their current eating behaviour correlates to their goal. It’s then a balancing act between keeping their goal in mind and their eating habits sustainable. I do not believe in crash or faddy diets, I believe in educating the person to be mindful and make good choices with a balanced approach. I find that too many people try and copy what someone else is eating as ‘that’ diet is working for them, however, everyone has a set of unique circumstances and so when nutrition and training are approached it should be approached in a unique way.

Q: Who are your other celebrity clients?

A: I am currently training, Harshvardhan Kapoor, Farhan Akhtar, Girish Kumar Taurani, Shibani Dandekar, Amrita Arora and of course Kareena Kapoor. I am also enjoying working with some business people and a politician along with my online clients who are based all over the world.