’Killing of BJP leaders is a serious matter’: Shivraj warns Congress after saffron party’s leader found dead in MP

Barwani, Madhya Pradesh: Manoj Thackeray, a BJP leader from Barwaniin Madhya Pradesh’s Barwai, was found dead in a field early in the morning on Sunday. Barwani is about 160 km from Indore.

His body was found in a field in Warla Police Station’s limits. Manoj Thackeray had left home for a morning walk early today.

As per reports, the police have found a blood-stained rock from the crime site and believe that Manoj Thackeray was killed with that rock.

Former Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan accused the Congress government of making the “death of BJP leaders one after another a cruel joke.”

Chouhan took to twitter this morning and shredded the Kamal Nath-led Congress government, over the law and order situation in the state. 

“One after the other, the killing of BJP leaders is a serious matter. The state government is not taking it seriously and making a cruel joke of it. Popular BJP leader Manoj Thackeray was killed in broad daylight in the state home minister’s backyard,” Chouhan tweeted.

“Criminals have become bold and law and order situation has crumbled under the present Congress government,” said the former Chief Minister. The BJP will be forced to take to the streets if the criminals are not caught immediately, said Chouhan.

“Thackeray had gone out for his routine morning walk. A blood stained rock was found at the crime spot,” senior police officials were quoted as saying in media reports.

The month-old Congress government in Madhya Pradesh has been facing severe criticism after a series of brazen murders in the last seven days. BJP leader and civic body chairman of Mandsaur, Prahlad Bandhwar, 50, was shot in full public view on Thursday. A day after the incident, Manish Bajrangi, a BJP worker was arrested in connection with the murder, from Rajasthan.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan said, the BJP will take to the streets if criminals are not caught soon.

Chief Minister Kamal Nath told reporters, yesterday, that Bandwar’s son had named Manish Bajrangi, a local BJP worker, in the FIR. The police had claimed that dispute over a piece of land was behind the murder.

“Killing Prahlad Bandhwar over a paltry sum of Rs. 25,000 is unacceptable argument,” tweeted Chouhan, and said that there must be a “conspiracy” behind it. The former chief minister demanded a CBI inquiry.

“Criminals are roaming free and innocent people are being killed. Is this the ‘change’ the Congress promised during the election campaign?’ said Chouhan.

Thackeray is the second BJP leader to be killed in a week in Madhya Pradesh after Prahlad Bandhwar was shot dead on January 17 in Mandsaur.