Chhattisgarh: Women break cycle of poverty, begin livestock farming with just Rs 11000, today turnover is Rs 1 crore

Durg: About 28 women at Baigapara in Durg belonging to Yadav and other communities raised Rs 11000 and formed a group to start milk production. The women broke the cycle of poverty through their hard work and determination. Initially they reared 25 goats and started selling the milk. Today, the women have a number of cows, buffaloes and the annual turnover is about Rs 1 crore. Many of these women were very poor and worked as domestic helps.

88 women became group’s member in five years

In the last five years, 88 women have become associated with the group. Any woman can become a member of the group by paying nominal membership fee of Rs 10. The women are also sharing the share of their group for Rs 110.

Ghee production started

Now the group has also started ghee production. On Sunday MLA Arun Vora, district cooperative bank chairperson Preetpal Belchandan and others were present at a programme to mark the launch of ghee production.

Women earn about Rs 9500 in a month

The women’s self-help group (SHG) received a financial assistance of about Rs 1 lakh from the cooperative bank. All the 88 women earn about Rs 9500 each per month from this enterprise. SHG president Karuna Yadav has studied up to 12th grade.

The women SHG has prepared a project of Rs 1.64 crore to promote animal husbandry. They also plan to produce skimmed milk and curd.

All the women worked hard’

SHG president Karuna Yadav said all the women worked hard. No work is easy. Earlier many of the women were working as domestic helps.

Karuna said, “We first reared goats as goat milk fetches very good price. Then we purchased cows and buffaloes. People sell the milk produced by us on commission. We’ve now started producing ghee.”