BJP leaders are expert liars: Kanhaiya Kumar

Chandigarh: Kanhaiya Kumar, former president of Jawaharlal Nehru University Students’ Union, said that the BJP leaders have the exceptional ability to tell lies. Kanhaiya was in Chandigarh to attend a Punjabi conference, where he paid tributes to the Pulwama martyrs at the beginning of the programme.

He then targeted the BJP, PM Narendra Modi and the RSS, and said that these people are expert liars, “They know nothing about the old country and keep telling whatever they want about the new country. Sambit Patra is only an average liar,” said Kumar.

“The Modi government does not hold itself responsible for anything. When they were in Opposition, these people used to blame the Congress for the misery of the country and now when they are in power they still hold Congress responsible for the country’s downfall,” he added.

‘Anna’s movement enjoyed BJP funding’

Kanhaiya Kumar said that Anna Hazare’s movement enjoyed BJP’s funding which was provided to abuse the Congress. “The BJP funded the movement to build up an atmosphere against then Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh,” said Kumar. He also said that in the BJP’s rule, democracy and secularism, and nationalism are in danger.

“A better India will be built only by strengthening democracy and secularism,” he added.