12-year-old brutally tortured, starved, branded with iron for two years in Bhilai

Bhilai/Bilaspur: A terrible story of abject torture meted out to a 12-year-old has shaken the conscience of the people in Chhattisgarh’s Bhilai city. A couple subjected the minor girl to severe torture for two years. They forced the child to work at their home as domestic help, often did not give her food, thrashed her brutally and branded her body with iron over petty issues. The accused man is an employee of Bhilai Steel Plant (BSP) and he had brought the girl from Bilaspur. The girl belongs to a village in Bilaspur district and her father is a labourer.

Neighbours used to give food to her

Neighbours often used to give food to the child after she was thrown out of the house by the couple. The accused couple again beat up the girl on Monday and branded her with a pair of tongs. The child told a woman about this while going to school. After this the neighbours informed the Childline.

Team reached her school and rescued her

The Childline and the Women and Child Development Department’s team reached the girl’s school on Tuesday and rescued her. The child was so scared that she could not even tell the name of her village and the name of the couple who used to beat her.

BSP employee had brought the girl from Bilaspur

According to the information, an employee working with the BSP had brought the child from a village in Bilaspur district two years back. The parents of the girl had handed over the innocent child to the Bhilai couple. The couple kept the child properly for some time. But later they started torturing her.

Burnt her face with pair of tongs

Childline team leader Bharti Choubey said the girl told her that the couple used to beat her with belt and broom. While thrashing her, they used to send their 15-year-old son to another room in the house. On Sunday, the couple burnt her face with a pair of tongs over a minor mistake.

The child studies in 5th standard at Government Primary School of Sector 5. Recently the child fainted due to hunger and weakness while on way to school and a woman who knew her brought her to the house.

Child cannot tell her address

The 12-year-old belongs to Bilaspur district. She does not know the name of her village. Childline team leader Bharti Choubey said the Childline in Bilaspur and the women and child development department officials there had been informed and they would locate her parents. The child’s father is a labourer. Bharti Choubey said the girl is currently staying with the Childline.