Woman arrested in Saudi Arabia for hugging male singer

The woman hugged and held on to Majid al-Mohandis even as security officials attempted to pry her away from him.

Riyadh: A woman in Saudi Arabia ran on stage during a live concert to hug a male singer, defying all norms and laws of the conservative society. She was arrested by the police for her daring act, as women in the country are not permitted to interact with men who are not related to them.

According to IANS, the incident took place during the concert of popular singer Majid al-Mohandis, who was performing at a festival in the western city of Taif on Friday. A video of the event shows a woman from the audience running towards the stage.

She hugged and held on to Mohandis even as security officials attempt to pry her away from him. Notably, even after the commotion on stage, the Iraqi-born singer, who also holds Saudi citizenship, continued with his performance.

Meanwhile, the police have referred the women to the public prosecution. She is set to face charges under the law that outlaws harassment, reported IANS. The suspect is held at the Al-Taif Foundation for Women’s Care pending investigation,” the Mecca police official spokesman was quoted as saying.

Saudi Arabia has recently started to relax restrictions imposed on women attending public events. The measures have been brought in place after a series of reforms were propagated by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

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