TTE spends Rs 2,200 from own pocket to buy ticket for elderly lady; gets a pat on the back

Parsan Singh feted by Northern Railway GM

Amritsar: On August 15, the 12014 Amristsar-New Delhi Shatabdi Express pulled out of the Amritsar railway station at 5 am, its usual time. An hour later, it reached Jalandhar, where the son of an elderly woman seated her in the train. She was occupying seat number 22 in coach C-7.

When Karsan Singh, the Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE) on duty in the train, sought her ticket from the woman, she furnished one. However, Karsan Singh discovered that the ticket was for 12030 Amritsar- New Delhi Swarna Shatabdi Express, which departs from Amristsar at 4.30 in the afternoon.

Invalid ticket

Karsan Singh told the woman that her ticket was invalid and that she would be treated as a ticket less passenger. He told her that inclusive of penalty, she would have to pay Rs 2,200 to buy a ticket to New Delhi. The woman, however, said that she did not have any cash on her.


Karsan Singh then prepared a ticket for her, spending Rs 2,200 from his own pocket. Dr Aniruddh Kapur, who was travelling in the same coach, was so impressed that he tweeted about the incident to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Railway minister Piyush Goyal.

Later, Karsan was invited to the Railway Board office in New Delhi, where he was feted by Vishveshwar Chaube, general manager of the Northern Railways.

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