Trump and Putin open historic summit in Helsinki, Finland

Trump hopes for ‘extraordinary relationship’ and said that he really thinks the world wants to see them get along.

New Delhi: The US and Russian leaders opened an historic summit in Helsinki on Monday, with Donald Trump promising an “extraordinary relationship” and Vladimir Putin saying it was high time to thrash out disputes around the world.

Looking sombre, they exchanged opening remarks in front of the press at the start of their summit in Helsinki.

While Trump acclaimed the meeting’s potential, Putin said: “The time has come to talk in a substantive way about our relations and problem areas of the world.”

Trump hopes for ‘extraordinary relationship’ and says, “I really think the world wants to see us get along.”

Trump’s Helsinki summit with Vladimir Putin is the capstone to an almost week-long trip for Donald Trump during which he has sown doubts about his commitment to NATO, Washington’s ‘special relationship’ with Britain, and EU ties.

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