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Modi’s oil meet produces gas

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a pep talk to the global crude oil giants…

Apex court rap for Modi government

The move by the Supreme Court to seek details of the decision making process in…
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Modi government is still silent on Akbar

Aditya Aamir The lesser known ‘MJ’ has quit his job post-MeToo accusations, but the more…

Floccinaucinihilipilification: How Shashi Tharoor took twitterati on a ride

New Delhi: No one could have promoted their book better than Congress leader Shashi Tharoor.…

Relationship between industrialists and politics is limited to voting: Gautam Adani

The Opposition has been alleging that the PM Narendra Modi-led BJP government belongs to rich…

Modi-Putin sign $5 bn S-400 air defence quipment deal: What is it?

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday held the…

Is Rafael a deal or a scam?

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Cow in the time of Narendra Modi

Aditya Aamir Okay! No need for anybody to talk on behalf of the holy cow.…