Baraatis end up in chains over groom-swapping charge

The Dulha's WhatsApp image not resembling the real him infuriates bride's family

Begusarai (Bihar): When Ram Prasad Sharma of village Nawaz Purva in district Gonda, Uttar Pradesh reached the Samsa Chakahlad village in Begusarai, along with his relatives and friends, to get married to Shobha, on Sunday evening, he could not have imagined what awaited him.

As soon as the bride’s father Pramod Kumar Sharma and other family members saw Ram Prasad, they declared that he was not the person whose photograph was WhatsApped to them. They said that the groom had been swapped and went on take the entire Baraat captive. All of them were tied to a chain used to tied cattle and were made to sit on the floor. They were also given a sound thrashing.

Groom’s pic was WhatsApped

The marriage had been fixed through a relative of the groom’s family, residing in a nearby village. The photograph of the groom was WhatsApped to the bride’s family, who conveyed their consent. However, when the bridegroom reached the place, the bride’s family said that they had been cheated that the man was different. The other party pleaded not guilty to the groom-swapping charge. It said that the initially, the picture of Ram Prasad’s nephew was sent to the bride’s family. However, later his mother said no to the wedding as he was young. Then, Ram Prasad’s picture was WhatsApped and the bride’s family had conveyed their approval.

Cops come into picture

It was only after the people living nearby informed the police that the captives were rescued. The police station in-charge of Mansurchak PS went to the spot along with force and got the Baraatis released. Later, the father of the bride was arrested. He told the police that the groom-swapping had infuriated him.

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